“If you call failures experiments, you can put them on your resume and claim them as achievements”  Mason Cooley

A resume is one of the most basic and essential tools that your post-high school life will require of you.  A resume is a 1 page document that gives a quick written overview of what you have accomplished and how to contact you.  It must be clear, succinct, easy to read and showcase your most important and most recent work first.  If someone has to try to follow your resume, they won’t!  To begin creating your resume, follow this worksheet and refer to the sample resume below: Resume worksheet

*Note, for the purposes of your high school academic resumes, please do not include your last name or cell phone number for your resume.  You’ll see on the sample resume below that you can add a note to request more information if needed.

Sample Resume

When you’ve finished putting your resume together, have someone you trust look over it to help check for spelling errors and to tell you if there are sections that are not clear or easy to read.  Your resume doesn’t need to tell us everything about you, but it should make someone want to know more and it’s messy, full of errors, or hard to read and follow, it’s probably not working for you as well as it should.

Pro-tips to make your resume stand out!

Trying to line up columns in your resume?  Create a table and enter your information in the columns of your table – like this:Resume table example-page0001

Then, format your table and remove all the borders.  Your columns will be in alignment — for an example, click on my resume below.

Easy to Find? When saving your resume, label it with your name and what it is to make it easier for the person you’re sending it too.  A file called “Resume” could be anyone’s resume, but a file called “Sallie Burns resume” is ONLY yours!

Just for fun!

Since I’ve been asking you to share your resumes with me – I thought I’d share mine with you KFolkins resume. I use a photograph and color to give a little more emphasis to my personality – you want to use this sparingly and never let those elements make your resume harder to read.




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