VCA 9th/10th Grade

This 2 quarter class will meet on Tuesdays during major block and will focus on providing a community service to the 4th graders at Ashley Elementary School.  During the class, you will focus on teaching students the basics of the Hero Cycle of Storytellling as well as initial steps in filmmaking and editing using the imovie program on the elementary students’ ipads.  Students can plan to complete the class with a sense of the life importance of volunteering your services as well as quantifiable community service experience that will be essential in making you competitive in the job and higher education markets today.

Students can expect to leave this course with the following:

  • Student will understand that community services is an essential part of the health of any community and that you are capable at any age and level of contributing to the betterment of your community.
  • Student will understand and exhibit simple class management and teaching tools to utilize with Ashley elementary students.
  • Student will understand that they are playing an essential role in recruitment of future DSA students and helping foster the artists and filmmakers of tomorrow

SYLLABUS: 201516 Syllabus VCA 910A        201516 Syllabus VCA 910B

In addition, during 9th and 10th grade, you will participate in a 5 day portfolio workshop in which you will create a resume and artist bio and build an electronic wordpress portfolio. This portfolio will serve you through high school and beyond to translate and communicate your unique skills, experiences and artistic voice and will be something that we work together to build on through your senior year. Some tools and expectations can be found in the following documents:

9th grade final rubric VCA         10th grade final rubric VCA

RESUME WORKSHEET       Artist Bio Worksheet        Site Map Worksheet


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