VCA 12th grade

This class is designed to prepare the Video Cinema Arts student for life after high school.  This class, which will meet on Wednesdays in both the 1st and 4th quarters, will focus on completing the college search, senior internships, and continued portfolio strengthening.  Students can plan to complete the class with a heightened confidence and preparadness as they embark on life beyond high school.

Students can reasonably expect to leave this course with the following:

  • Student will understand that development of a strong portfolio is crucial for representing themselves in an ever increasingly competitive job and school market
  • Student will complete 40 hours of a professional internship and all supplemental materials
  • Student will complete appropriate college applications

SYLLABUS: 2015 Syllabus VCA 12

2014-15 Senior Internship Deadlines – more detailed information available under the “senior internships” tab

  • By end of fall semester, signed internship contracts due
  • Weekly schedules due to Kate, every Friday (for the upcoming week) beginning January 9
  • Bi-weekly time cards due to Kate, every 2nd Friday (for the previous 2 weeks), beginning January 2015
  • Journal entry updates due to Kate every 2nd Friday, with time cards, beginning January 2015
  • 40 hours of internship (verified by bi-weekly time cards) due by early March (date tbd), 2016.
  • If internship was completed prior to December 2014, you are responsible for a 3-page written paper on your internship instead of journal entries. This must be turned in by early March (date tbd) 2016.
  • All Seniors are expected to include a written summation of their internship, along with one visual element, on their electronic portfolio. This should be updated by early March (date tbd) 2015
  • Internship presentations will happen in early March 2016 (dates tbd). All Seniors are expected to present for 5-7  minutes on their internship experience. All presentations must include a visual element.


Portfolio Rubric for 12th grade: 12th grade final rubric VCA




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