VCA 11th grade

This class is designed to prepare the Video Cinema Arts student for life after high school. This class, which will meet on Wednesdays in both the 2nd and 4th quarters, will focus on preparing the student for senior internships, continued portfolio strengthening, the college search and admissions process and for “Survival” – a unit based on building skills such as budgeting, cooking, public transportation, etc.  Students can plan to complete the class with a sense of heightened confidence and preparedness as they embark on life beyond high school.

Students can reasonably expect to leave this course with the following:

  • Student will understand that development of a strong portfolio is crucial for obtaining acceptance into work and school.
  • Student will understand how to secure and maintain an internship in a field that interests them.
  • Student will understand the steps to take in order to prepare for their college search and application process.
  • Student will understand that there are life skills essential for creating the best chances for success after high school.

SYLLABUS: 2015 Syllabus VCA 11

Portfolio expectations for 11th grade: 11th grade final rubric VCA

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