S/D 10th grade Service Learning


This class begins the 4 semester long progressive post-secondary preparatory work that will culminate in your Senior Year.   This class will meet on Thursdays during spring semester and will focus on providing a community service to the Macauliffe Middle School theatre program.  The class will determine together the most effective project to serve that community and will be responsible for planning and execution of that work. Students can plan to complete the class with a sense of the life importance of volunteering your services as well as a quantifiable community service experience that will be essential in helping make them competitive in the job and higher education markets today.

Students can reasonably expect to leave this course with the following:

  • Student will understand that community service is an essential part of the health of any community and that they are capable at any age and level of contributing to the betterment of their own communities.
  • Student will understand how to conceptualize, manage and execute a project of their own devise that serves the Macauliffe Middle School community.

SYLLABUS —  201516 Syllabus SD 10

Please stay tuned for more information and resources!





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