Senior Internships

Flowchart-page0001“The difference between assistants and interns is that assistants are paid and interns are not.  Of course, interns are paid, in experience.”  – Joyce Carol Oates

Internships fulfilled between summer before Senior Year and third quarter of Senior Year are requirements of both Stagecraft/Design and VCA majors.  All internships must be approved by your department and a contract must be signed prior to beginning your internship.  If you begin your internship without an approval and a signed contract, you are in danger of having those hours not count.

The internship contracts can be found here:

Stagecraft Internship Agreement

VCA 2018 Internship Agreement

Expectations of the Internship:

  1. All interns will provide weekly updates on their hours for the previous week and upcoming schedule to Alisha Godette at using this timesheet: Intern Timecard
  2. All interns will attend scheduled internship hours as well as class hours – unless previous arrangements with DSA teachers and internship sponsors have been made.
  3. All interns will keep a daily internship journal of reflections from the day’s work to be turned in to Alisha Godette at the completion of the internship.  Some prompt questions are:    What did I do today?  Did I learn anything?  Was it a good day or a bad day?  What’s my supervisor’s management style?  Is there anything that frustrates me in this internship? What have I learned about myself during this internship? Am I doing a good job and meeting my supervisor’s expectations?  Is this internship meeting my expectations?  How has your work or experience changed through the internship?  
  4. All interns will complete a presentation in front of their class following completion of the internship – guidelines for presentations can be found here: Internship Presentation rubric
  5. Include 500 word summary of your internship for your electronic portfolio – this summary should include information about where your internship was and what it entailed as well as how your prior experiences prepared you (or didn’t) for this internship and how the internship has prepared you (or hasn’t!) for your future.
  6. At the end of your internship, make sure to ask your internship supervisor for a letter of recommendation!  This can be very useful for college applications and future job applications!

For more information on how grades are assessed for the Internship, consult this documents: Internship Assessment

Available Internships

Internships will be regularly posted on the homepage of this blog and will be updated weekly.  Below is a list of internships that you may be interested in.

Search for volunteer opportunities that can be done as an internship.

Colorado Nonprofit Internships

Sandcreek Greenway 

Involve Board: Our purpose is to connect high school students to a diverse bank of opportunities that they may have never known existed. We also help organizations get the word out about their programs to students, schools, and families. 

Goodwill Student Resource Blog

Graphic Design & Video:

Athena Project Festival – contact Connie Findley for more information –  Check out their website


Signal to Noise Media Labs – contact Nikolai at  Check out their website for more information

Film & Video

Diego Carrillo Photography – a bilingual photography and event video company specializing in Quincenearas seeks bilingual student for video/film internship.  For more information contact Manuel at

Tech Theatre

Curious Theatre Company is accepting internships in the area of tech theatre.  Please contact John at  For more information, check out their website.


1 Million Cups, an entrepreneurship meet up group is looking for interns to help promote the group and their members.  Interns will perform in a number of ways much like a grassroots street team with opportunities for graphic design, social media, marketing.  This internship requires a highly motivated individual who excels in self-discipline and is interested in working with small start-up businesses.

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