personal branding imageYour online portfolio is a terrific way to communicate with future employers, admissions officers and others – your unique set off skills, experiences and interests.  For Stagecraft and Design majors and Video Cinema Arts Majors at Denver School of the Arts, the creation of your online portfolio will be a journey that continues from 9th grade through your senior year.

Whether you intend to purse the arts after high school or want to go into another field entirely – being able to express who you are, the experiences that you’ve gained, the things you’ve accomplished and translate that information into how it will make you a terrific employee, community member or collaborator in the future is an invaluable skill.

Each year we’ll spend some committed time working on creating and developing different parts of your resume.  At the end of that work process, Goodwill will help me bring in volunteer business leaders from the community to interview you and go through your resume, giving you the opportunity to see how another person follows and responds to your portfolio and giving you the opportunity to practice interviewing!

To understand more about the specific expectations for your portfolio, read along with the rubrics below.

9th grade portfolio rubrics:

10th grade portfolio rubrics:

11th grade portfolio rubrics:

12th grade portfolio rubrics:


Portfolio reviews can generally not be made up.  If you believe that you might be absent on the day of a portfolio review, please contact Kate Folkins as soon as possible to discuss alternative opportunities.

On the day of your portfolio review, please remember to:

  • dress professionally
  • bring a copy of your resume
  • have your portfolio link address handy
  • write down the name of your interviewer, you’ll write a thank you note when you return to class

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